Tips for Photographing Your Home

How to photograph the home:

Once you submit the photos, I may ask you to take additional photos to help clarify any details.

Tips where to take the photo(s)

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Submit Photo(s)

List any personalized details that you would like to have included/exclude that are in the photograph. Please keep in mind, the size of the final product may limit tiny details since they will not show up clearly in the print. I can only draw based on what I can see in your photos.

At this time, I cannot accept original printed photographs. Please either scan the picture(s) or you can even take a photo of the photo as long as it is clear and a good representative of the house.

If your house is on Google Maps and/or Zillow, please provide me the address since these can be a great resource.

Old photograph(s):

Scan the photo(s) at least 300 DPI (ideally 600). Or you can try taking a photo of the photo with your phone.

Black and White Photographs

At this time, I only offer the line drawing design for black and white photos, as long as the scanned photo (or picture of the picture) is good quality.

Questions about your photos

If you are not sure if your photos will work, send me an email with the images at: and provide your order number.

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