Visual Foundation

Images provide a foundation for many individual's comprehension, making science-graphic art collaborations essential in communicating science. Together we can help guide their understanding of simple to complex concepts.

Through the process, we define your target audience, define your message, and create visuals that can increase the reach of the science, resulting in a great impact of your work.

How It Is Done

The process of creating a scientific illustration:

  • Discuss the main idea, number of illustrtions, complexity, and intendend audience.
  • Provide me the reference material and examples of work styles you like. We then discuss what is the main objective of the illustration.
  • I conduct any additional research that is necessary and begin the creative process. We will discuss often as the project progress to make sure we are on the same page.

Time frame depends on the complexity of the project, amount of research, and revisions.

Work Samples

Examples of my work

swab test

Let's science together

Using my graphic and previous laboratory experiences, I can help translate the science into a visual that will help you convey your ideas, products or research to students, colleagues, or the general public.

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Laura Johnston
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